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Projects and Parts Listings

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On this page you will find a detailed review and a detailed parts listing from your favorite retailers that together make up an awesome rifle.

Econ One
Rifle Build


Econ One, named by my good friend BJ, is a good performer and is reliable.  Here is the parts list for this amazing rifle.  Performance, Reliable, and Damn Good Looking.  Now a good portion of this rifle build were purchased from Big Daddy Unlimited, Optics Planet, Bear Creek Arsenal, and Finally Palmetto State Armory.  The goal was to put together and cost affective performer.  All together, we put four identical rifles together, and tested them out on the range for accuracy and ultimately the difference in accuracy.  All did well, two did better and shot around one MOA.

1.  Anderson Lower, your local FFL

2.  BCG by Palmetto State Armory and on sale:  

3.  Barrel by Bear Creek Arsenal:

4.  Handguard:  Guntec by Big Daddy Unlimited

5.  Butt Stock, B5 Bravo by Big Daddy Unlimited

6.  Buffer Tube Kit, Luth AR:  Big Daddy Unlimited

7.  Lower Parts Kit, Luth AR:  Big Daddy Unlimited

8.  Gas Block, Gas Tube, Muzzle Brake, Yankee Hill Machine:  Bid Daddy Unlimited

9.  Upper Receiver, Wilson Combat:  Optics Planet:    

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